Our Booris, Our Way

Our Booris Our Way

The Steering Committee for the Our Booris, Our Way review was formally established in January 2018. This was following two co-design workshops in November and December 2017 convened to establish the committee, membership, governance and the terms of reference for the review.

The Steering Committee meets formally monthly.

Public Submissions

Our Booris, Our Way is seeking public submissions to support the understanding and analysis of opportunities for change across the ACT child protection system.

The Review welcomes submissions from people with lived experience of Child Protection/Out of Home Care, peak bodies, advocacy groups, academics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and other interested individuals.

Public Submissions [PDF 225KB] [Word 65KB]

Who is on the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee members are as follows:

The Steering Committee members hold a diverse set of capabilities and lived experience in child protection and related areas such as child and women’s services, justice, legal support, human rights and service delivery.

Contacting the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee can be contacted at actreview@act.gov.au or on 0466 794 197.

Terms of Reference [PDF 116KB] [Word 25KB]

Interim Report August 2018

Interim Report August 2018 and Media Release

Recommendations December 2018

Our Booris, Our Way Recommendations [PDF 428KB]


December Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 922KB] [Word 829KB]
November Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 911KB] [Word 829KB]
October Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 383KB] [Word 830KB]
September Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 451KB] [Word 828KB]
August Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 284KB] [Word 141KB]
July Communiqué Our Booris, Our Way [PDF 97KB] [Word 20KB]
June Communiqué Our Booris Our Way [PDF 95KB] [/Word 17KB]
May Communiqué Our Booris Our Way [PDF 87KB] [Word 19KB]
April Communiqué Our Booris Our Way [PDF 212KB] [Word 19KB]

Communiqué and Fact Sheet [PDF 84KB] [Word 32KB]